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If you don’t take charge of change, change will take charge of you. Kemmons Wilson

Robert McFate

Please enjoy my Hand Painted Reclamation of the System in the Cracks, Urban Fishing for Curb Fodder.

Go Home Get Small.

About Robert

…..A famous man once said, “If you don’t take charge of change, change will take charge of you.” Nearly a decade, Spring 2011 and the Bledsonian Banner headline, ” Now Open Art Show marks a new era of local artist’s life'' Jan.19th ,2012. A public announcement of my embrace of my given name after a long history of art by Bob McFate, and signal a change in direction.

To pursue my own personal vision.That vision led us right up Hwy 127 to Cincinnati, Ohio and shows at Thunder-Sky. Inc. “Small Potatoes”, “Spaghetti Western; America Eyes Italy, Clownville” In June, 2013, INNCE?EXPCE; New William-Blake inspired Works by Emily Brandehoff and Robert McFate On, October 2013 We opened Space #133 at Essex Studios.

Volunteering with Visionaries and Voices, I first did the T.A.P. program where I was paired with Artist Curtis Davis, who I would later pair with on several collaborations, some being for major fundraiser, Double Vision.

On a moon filled night in September 2018 I proposed a show to the owners of Thunder-Sky and settled upon a date of May 3rd to July 3rd, 2020. A seemingly auspicious date, in the past several years I had hosted a Northside 4th of July Parade and to have that date coincide with my show's close party.

I began work on Sign/Symbol Looking at the World via Hwy 127 and devoted all of 2019 creating work in this newly discovered method of art, utilizing found metal from the streets and combining paint and epoxy to give an American history lesson from the road outside. I set the deadline 1/27/2020 to have my show complete, with intent to spend the remaining days on promotion and other projects. As the days drew closer to the date the daily advances of the pandemic caused the show prior to Sign/Symbol go up but never opened. We then realized our opening date was needing to be bumped ahead.

Still holding out hope we might still have an Opening Night by at least the 4th deadline. And then the announcement Northside 4th of July Parade cancelled. I admit this news was near the last hope to realize my work's debut.It took me about a day and the way forward appeared became clear. And thanks to my wife of 35 years, Angie set up Thunder-Sky Galleries’ first online, Reservation Only Portal.

Breaking from the regular methods and hours to a 27 days available event and recording a YouTube series presenting the work. Social distance measurers followed. Sign/Symbol was a significant moment in the history of art in Cincinnati. Each of the guests that visited the show were given a surprise hidden in the restroom cabinet. Choice from a collection of small art magnets, a little bi-product of my art process.

So in these days following Sign/Symbol I took the saying,”Go Big or go Home” and flipped it. I stayed home and went small”.

A 127 day vacation from Facebook ,began a journal, and continued production on art magnets. After completing a few. I mix up clear sealer and pour that batch. Hence the birth of { Small Batch Art Magnets}. So at these times , we repurposed our focus and focus more intently on our mission.

Moving forward, Robert is dedicated to combining the bits and particles of the world into a beautiful whole. The essence of Small Batch is time, space, object and inspiration. It allows for subtle hints of humor, politics, fantasy, and the unexpected. It allows for Bourbon metaphors such as, “You can never rush fine Bourbon or Art Magnets”. I do find an expanded exuberance by going small. Elevated to develop in this method of expression. From Urban Fishing providing endless materials, fish from the environment, the Eco Social connection , the pure expression of outsider art, and a way forward in the new abnormal.

Welcome to our more user friendly website! Angie is extremely passionate in her desire to present and promote the artwork of Robert McFate from 2011 to 2020 and beyond. We make fine art magnets at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but always fine art magnets.

Please plan a visit to the garage gallery, or tour our product line selections online. I will continue to follow the Artist tradition of embracing change, however not change forced or contrived.

But this is a change that comes as natural as a paddle dip when navigating a canoe.

Please enjoy my Private Reserve, Hand painted, Art Magnets, Reclamation of the system in the cracks, and Urban Fishing for Curb Fodder.

Robert McFate



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